My Creative Process

When I am inspired, I am first drawn to the color, shape, and texture to use on the painting being created. Then I receive guided information for a specific canvas size. After I build the frame and stretch the canvas, I prime the canvas with gesso. It takes two coats of gesso with 24 hours of drying time per coat before applying the paint. Then I stand back and look at the blank canvas and wait until I am intuitively guided to the correct area to place the pre-determined color of paint. I proceed by filling in the color, texture, and shape with paint. Then I go to the next area I am drawn to and repeat the process over again, layer by layer, until the piece feels complete. A strong feeling of inner guidance tells me when to stop painting and at that time my project is complete. Having a medium readily available to work with is very important to me because the creative process can emerge at any given moment. I also enjoy applying this creative process to many aspects of my daily life.

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